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Chrysalis Wellbeing

Mt Evelyn, Lilydale & Mobile Yarra Valley & Ranges

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 0430 322711

Natural Therapies for Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, PTSD and Weight Loss.


Reiki Healing

Organic massage oils and essential oils nurture the skin,release tension and stress and restore balance & harmony.

Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Thai Acupressure & Migraine treatments available.

Lilydale & Mt Evelyn Clinic &

Mobile Service (women only)


Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Massage, EFT, Reiki, Pregnancy & Post Natal Support, Hypno-birth Classes.

Lilydale Clinic & Yarra Ranges Mobile Treatments

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Reiki healing induces a feeling of deep relaxation and inner peace which promotes healing by reducing the body’s stress response and boosting the immune system. Reiki enhances medical treatments & massage.


I am a heart centred therapist with a background in Educational Psychology and a passion for natural health. I have over 20 years experience working in Mental Health Services, Education & Natural Therapy Clinics in the UK & Australia. Read more >>

Are you looking for fast and effective natural treatments for the symptoms of anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress or chronic ill health?

Have you been struggling to let go of unwanted habits, beliefs or memories?

 Many of my clients have previously undertaken long term Counselling, Psychology or Physio sessions and have been taking medication to manage their symptoms with little result. I use a holistic approach that can help you uncover and heal the underlying issues with a unique combination of therapies that target both physical and emotional pain. I also teach self-help techniques within sessions so you can manage your symptoms as they arise. I work with both adults and children in my Mt Evelyn Clinic or in your own home and sessions include a range of therapies.

What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy feels like a gentle guided meditation that relaxes and empowers. Contrary to popular belief, you will not be put to sleep, but will remain awake, aware and in control in a relaxed state that is similar to daydreaming. Hypnotherapy is not mind control: on the contrary it allows you to regain control of your emotions and behaviours for positive change.  Read more >>

What is EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique uses acupressure points on the body in combination with talk therapy to help deactivate the body’s stress and pain responses. Clients are taught to tap specific points on the face and body with their fingers. EFT has been shown to be clinically effective for post traumatic stress, phobias, anxiety, depression and pain. Children also love using EFT as they feel the results immediately and it is easy to use in the classroom, playground or at home. Scroll down to see video below or Read more >>

How Do I Know Which Treatment To Request? If you have been experiencing chronic ill health, anxiety or depression, booking an initial 90 min Hypnotherapy session will include assessment, access to a range of treatments and training in a self help strategy. Chronic conditions on average require a course of six sessions.

I am currently on medication/ receiving counselling… I work collaboratively with other health providers. Treatments can be tailored to best suit your needs.

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Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Acupressure, EFT, Massage and Reiki.



Mindfulness Meditation classes  reduce stress and anxiety and promote peace of mind and cognitive function. Guided weekly meditation classes suitable for beginners in Mt Evelyn or download free audios here.


Shop 6, 2-6 Birmingham Rd.

Your Free MP3

 7 minutes to Peace & Healing Morning Meditation.

Download Here

Pregnancy & Post Natal Support


Whether you want to boost your fertility naturally, attend personalised hypno-birth classes in your own home or need post natal support for tension, stress, depression or trauma, I tailor affordable programs to best meet your needs.

Quit 4 Life

I offer 3 Quit 4 Life Sessions for the same price others offer for only 1 so you can also clear triggers, anxiety, & prevent weight gain.

The tension, anxiety and pressure have gone completely and I feel so calm and relaxed.- Tash, Brighton

I can’t believe I’m a non-smoker! Its been 2 weeks now and I’m loving the confident new me. No more hiding from my family! - Anne, Chirnside Park

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and heart. It works, thank you so much. - Sam, Mt Evelyn

Thanks Chrissy, the massage/healing was amazing. I will book another soon.  - Liz, Croydon.

Thank you so much -the most relaxed I’ve felt in a long time. An absolutely lovely experience! - Lauren, Upwey

I feel very excited to tell you I feel fab today. No clunks and grindings in my back and neck from knots. (which was just the norm lately) You’ve done a great job!! Thank you!! - Gill, Mt Dandenong

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