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Meditation & Hypnosis


The album Transcendental Space is available to purchase for dowload and contains 2 x 30min audios that can be used as background audios for voiceover recordings.  They have been engineered to help the listener attain a deep level of relaxation suitable for meditation or hypnosis. I am a musician, sound engineer, meditator and clinical hypnotherapist and am passionate about providing an affordable solution to those who are wanting to create products for their clients but do not want to be locked into expensive or restrictive contracts. You are free to record over these background audios and sell the remixes in whatever lengths or formats you choose, provided 70% of  each audio contains a vocal track. On receipt of payment you will receive a link to download your background audios and the license agreement. Chrysalis Wellbeing retains ownership of Transcendental Space. Your purchasing of a license does not in any way indicate ownership of the work. Chrysalis Wellbeing reserves the right to copy and distribute Transcendental Space at any time and to license the product to other licensees.

You are hereby granted, upon purchase, non-exclusive rights to use Transcendental Space for personal self-hypnosis, one-on-one therapy sessions and on stage performances. This license excludes the producer from licensing, digitising or reselling Transcendental Space to third parties. Works created using Transcendental Space must be accompanied by the following accreditation:

Background Music: Transcendental Space, www.chrysaliswellbeing.com.au,  Chrysalis Wellbeing, Inc. All rights reserved.